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The Management of Sefas Group has risen from humble beginnings to one of the best in the business. Bringing skilled strategic decisions, and firm directives to ensure business achievements and the Group's overall growth


    • PT. Sefas Pelindotama started as a legally appointed distributor of PT. Shell Indonesia's products, and initially was an affiliate of PT. Intraco Penta Tbk. It is currently the most reliable distributor of Shell Lubricant and a trust worthy Hydrocarbon Management Services provider.

    • PT. Sigma Cemerlang Sinergi was established as an investment company and Coal Producer that put forward environmental friendly processing of low-ash, and low-sulphur coals.

    • PT. Tribina Panutan was created as a legally appointed Distributor of Shell Lubricants by PT. Shell Indonesia that focuses on B2B indirect channels and direct channels in Cilegon, Banten, and surrounding area.

    • PT. Pukati Pelangi Bahana Agropolitan was born as an authorized distributor of Pupuk Kaltim Group for fertilizer and other related products.
    • At the same year, PT. Sigma Cemerlang Sinergi started to expand its venture into a new concession in South Kalimantan.
    • PT. Sefas Energitama was established as an umbrella for the group's mining related businesses.

    • Certificate of Achievement Supplier Performance by PT. PETROSEA TBK
    • PT. Sefas Keliantama was founded in August as a sister company of PT. Sefas Pelindotama to support the lubricant market throughout Indonesia. It focuses on Shell lubricant supply in Jakarta, East and South Kalimantan, and also for B2B direct and indirect channel industry in Jabodetabek and surrounding locations.

    • Certificate of Achievement for Supplier Performance by PT. PAMAPERSADA NUSANTARA

    • Good Supplier Performance by PT. PAMAPERSADA NUSANTARA

    • PT. Cahaya Samoedera Bersaudara (CSB) was appointed as the official Shell Marine Products distributor by PT. Shell Indonesia in December.

    • Also, PT. Blue Coolant Indonesia was founded at the same time to be a sole distributor of coolant products from Recochem Inc. Canada, in Indonesia.

    • Sertifikat Penghargaan Rekanan by PT. PAMAPERSADA NUSANTARA
    • PT Balangan Bumi Persada established in 2012 as a service company focusing on coal hauling road, loading port and transportation.
    • In early 2013, three more companies were founded under Sefas Group;

      PT. Rigama Internasional LDA, to operate as a distributor for Shell lubricant in Timor-Leste, PT. Rajawali Global Aviasi to provide Air Transportation and Logistic Services across East of Indonesia, and PT. Baruna Bhakti Utama to operate terminals and other port facilities, with the aim to develop and provide services and infrastructures in relation to seaport and marine / maritime logistics.